Stylist Sarah-Jane Wise


Meet Stylist Sarah-Jane Wise! Sarah-Jane is a Stylist helping women and men look and feel their best. I was fortunate to work with her on a Website Photoshoot. It’s been a true pleasure, because we both have similar style, also Sarah-Jane is a complete sweetheart! Her bubbly personality makes work feel like fun. I’m sure her clients will appreciate that!

Keep reading to get Sarah-Jane’s 7 Tips To Rock Your White Pants & Jeans!


During Sarah-Jane’s Brand & Wardrobe Consultation prior to her photoshoot, we determined that her brand colors were black and white with subtle touches of colour, especially pink and blue. Deciding on branding colours is an important part of the process, as it will be tied to brand recognition!

Sarah-Jane’s 7 Tips To Rock Your White Pants & Jeans

1. Size up

You don’t want your white pants to look to tight, you want a streamlined, clean look.

2. Fabric choice

With white you want to get a higher quality and thicker fabric.
You can get away with a less expensive piece a lot easier in a darker colour.

3. Fit

Pick a silhouette best for your body type. If you already know a brand & style that works really well for you, try the same but in white.

4. Pockets

Front pockets add bulk. Pick pants with faux pockets, none, or ask your tailor to cut them out. It’s easy & inexpensive!

5. Pair with a longer top

Hip length to mid thigh. Consider wearing a longer top with slimmer fit pants or jeans.

6. A 3rd layer

Hip length blazer, cardigan, vest, a sleeveless trench...

7. Pair with a neutral coloured shoe and it will give you a longer, leaner & slimmer look. White, metallic, silver, gold, rose gold, grey, blush or skin tones.

Hair & Make-up Artist: Elegant Makeup


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Fall Favorites


Fall is in full swing! I won’t lie, the transition from summer to fall is never easy for me. I simply love summer. I love being outside all day, I love being bare foot, visiting gorgeous Ontario beaches, observing flowers in my garden blooming… I could go on forever.

I have to admit though, Canadian fall is a true charmer and she knows how to seduce us. Once the colors start changing, it’s hard not to fall in love.

Here are my Fall Favorites that are helping me enjoy our beautiful fall more!

  1. Wool Cardigan

    This cardigan is great at keeping me warm. At first I was really surprised at how warm it is! I love the colors of it - not my usual choice, but I’m so happy it’s not another black jacket.


2. “The subtle art of not giving a f***” by Mark Manson

I enjoyed this book SO much, I’ve read it in almost one sitting. The title is definitely catching but can be a bit misleading. This book is NOT about slacking off. To the contrary, it’s about living to your highest potential while accepting that life is not perfect.

This book gave me so many nuggets of wisdom. I particularly love how Manson writes about happiness: “Happiness comes from solving problems. The keyword is “solving”. If you’re avoiding your problems or feel like you don’t have any problems, then you’re going to make yourself miserable. If you feel like you have many problems that you can’t solve, you will likewise make yourself miserable. The secret is in the solving of the problems, not in having problems in the first place.”


3. Photo of the Season: Reema

It’s very hard to choose a favorite photo, but this moment was truly special. I really enjoyed working with Reema, because she’s such a confident woman. Confident women always inspire me. I photographed her in studio and downtown Toronto. When pigeons started flying around her, I asked Reema to look back and was fortunate enough to capture this great moment!


4. Kate Spade golden flats

I love timeless black and as a photographer I wear a lot of black so every now and then I like to spice it up with a something special. There’s nothing like a beautiful pair of shoes to look at during those dark fall days!


5. Quote: Do Your Best & Surrender The Rest

Nowadays the pressure to have it all can simply be too much. We forget to stop and smell the roses, we work so hard yet don’t get to enjoy the fruits of our labor because we get addicted to working. We get anxiety around the thought of leaving our laptop and phone behind. We try to control it all, which never has the right outcome...
This is my new mantra. Do Your Best and Surrender The Rest. Don’t just work at your life, enjoy your life. Know when to let go. This is a quote I want to look at every morning of every day!


I hope you enjoyed my fall favorites loves! Let me know what are your favorite experiences and products this fall season!

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Cathy Missios, Pink Avocado Nutrition


Fall is here and treating us with so much beauty. I was sad about summer ending but the fall once again proved how gorgeous it is! I truly got to appreciate fall landscapes with Nutritionist Cathy Missios. Cathy is our subscriber, which means she benefits from regular photoshoots. This way she has great content for her marketing, her social media is growing very fast and she can focus on her clients.

Cathy is absolutely hilarious, so it’s always great working with her. Keep reading to get Cathy’s advice about seasonal produce!


“By purchasing local foods in season from local farms, your food dollar goes directly to farmers, you eliminate environmental damage caused by shipping foods thousand of miles and you'll enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Plus, local, seasonal produce just tastes better!” - Cathy Missios


“So what’s in season? Here in Ontario the following are ready for you: tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, peppers, onions, potatoes, pears, grapes, lettuce, garlic, eggplant, cucumber, corn, celery, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, beets, beans, apples!” - Cathy Missios. Well, that’s a lot of choice!


Cathy’s last branding photoshoot took place in Streetsville, which is a fabulous location for fall photography. I’m excited to shoot there again. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this beautiful fall and eat healthy, local foods!

Hair & Make-up Artist: Elegant Makeup

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Top 5 Tips - Getting Ready to Launch Your Business

It’s a great adrenaline rush when you decide to start your own business. Maybe you are disenchanted with your corporate job and your entrepreneurial spirit is coming on strong so now is the time.
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Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis

Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis

I photographed Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis of Go With Your Gut in late summer and didn’t have the chance to share her beautiful photos yet! This photoshoot has Cali vibes all over it, the location was simply perfect for Laura’s brand.

Keep reading to get Laura’s advice on eating habits & patterns!

CPA Lina De Luca

CPA Lina De Luca

Feeling grateful to have met and worked with Lina De Luca, a knowledgable and detail-oriented accountant with great customer service! It took time to find an accountant who has patience and who is willing to educate small business owner clients properly.

Keep reading to get Lina’s top 3 accounting tips for small businesses!…

Abbas Somji, PR & Digital Content Specialist

Abbas Somji, PR & Digital Content Specialist

It’s been a pleasure to work with a colleague from my past career life! I used to work with Abbas at a TV station back in the day. I’ve actually been hoping to photograph him for some time now as we kept bumping into each other in different places across the city. I guess it was meant to be!…

Photoshoot FAQ

Photoshoot FAQ

Should you get spray tan? How to pose? Will we photoshop you? What outfits to wear? Was is a great lens for blogger photography? Check out answers to these & other questions in this Photoshoot FAQ!…

Maria Velasquez, Sweet Pineapple Events

Maria Velasquez, Sweet Pineapple Events

Meet a lady as sweet as her company’s name! Maria is the owner of Sweet Pineapple Events; she is super warm, has lots and lots of energy (wich makes her a perfect Event Planner!) and is very organized and detail oriented.

I’m really excited to share this branding photoshoot with you, because it’s full of colour, warmth and LOVE!…

Life Coach Anchelaa Thiru

Life Coach Anchelaa Thiru

It’s not a secret that video is a great way of connecting with your audience when it comes to social media marketing. Our process of making a video for Life Coach Anchelaa Thiru started with a consultation. We discussed what she wanted to convey and we worked from there. The vision translated into different sets and outfits, which we had plenty of fun filming!…