Opera Singer Renita

Those eyes, that smile and hourglass figure! Can you believe Renita told me she didn't think she was photogenic when she first contacted me? It's been very rewarding to create beautiful imagery for someone whose previous photos didn't do them justice. It is important to provide guidance, space and trust that will allow people to be comfortable and to properly prepare for a beautiful photoshoot.

As a photographer and a woman, I was obviously like a kid in a candy story when I first saw Renita's gowns! Beautiful wardrobe that makes both the client and the photographer excited is such an important part of a successful photoshoot and that's exactly why it's one of the first things we brainstorm during the pre-photoshoot consultation.

The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. And the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.
— Audrey Hepburn

Hair & Make-up Artist: Elegant Makeup

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Victoria, Epiphany Rose Gift Baskets

Today we're sharing Victoria's Personal Branding Photoshoot! Victoria is the Owner of Epiphany Rose Gift Baskets. She is extremely detail oriented and she loves creating beauty. Running an elegant gifting service allows her to custom-create something special in a very small and organized space.


Why Epiphany Rose?

I woke up one morning with the thought (epiphany) that I should be making my gift baskets into a business. The Rose part was inspired by my first name.

Working with Victoria is a great fit for anybody wanting a special gift and missing ideas on what to get or simply not having the time for shopping! You can answer a few questions about the person the gift is for and receive a perfect, personalized basket. Epiphany Rose also specilizes in Custom Bridesmaid Gift Baskets.


If you still don't have a special gift for this Mother's Day, you can contact Victoria through her Instagram!


Hair & Make-up Artist: Elegant Makeup

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Business Consultant Jasmeet Deol


I was very excited to work with Jasmeet, because we both love fashion, business & the color RED! Jasmeet is a Business Consultant for ambitious women and her motto is "Increase Self Worth, Grow Net Worth!". I absolutely agree those two things go hand in hand.

Our paths crossed because Jasmeet needed a Branding/Website Photoshoot for her new business venture. She wanted a variety of beautiful imagery for marketing purposes, including headshots and lifestyle photography, both in studio and on location!

It was hard not to be inspired by Jasmeet's wardrobe. I always say "the more effort you put into bringing the right wardrobe, the better your photos will be". I can't pick a favorite outfit from this photoshoot, because they are all sooo good!

Hair & Make-up Artist: Elegant Make-up

It is not the lack of experience that is holding us back,
it is the lack of determination to do what we need to do
to be successful
— Jasmeet Deol

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