Janine & Sumirtie

Mother & Daughter will always be one of the most powerful Sessions and my personal favorite. The ultimate girls' day out and a bonding experience! And the photographs you and generations to come will cherish forever!

Janine just had her second baby a few months ago, so it was time for a little pampering for herself! She wanted to treat her mom too, so they went shopping, looked through their closets for favorite dresses and enjoyed having their hair & make-up done and then getting photographed together!

My mom and I had a lot of fun and are thankful for the wonderful opportunity you gave us to capture this point in our lives. The photos were shot in such a timeless and bright style that we will continue to enjoy them for years. Thank you Agnes and Sara for making this an experience of a lifetime for us both!
— Janine
Photography: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios
Hair & Make-up Artist: Sara/Elegant Make-up