GTA Realtor Zehra Cheval


Working with like-minded, enthusiastic female entrepreneurs gives me this unstoppable energy. Zehra Cheval is a young, highly skilled, energetic and sophisticated Realtor. It was a pleasure to work with this girlboss! I'm really excited to follow her career journey.

Zehra's logo was designed by Roop Creative Agency

Zehra's logo was designed by Roop Creative Agency

As with every Branding Photoshoot, the goal was to show Zehra's professional persona. Lifestyle photography done in a tastefully decorated property is always a great idea for realtors. When choosing props, we kept in mind Zehra's brand colors in order to create a consistent look.

We had a great time discussing real estate market as Zehra was getting her make-up and hair done. Zehra is very knowledgeable, so it seems only natural that she will be starting #AskZehra Campaign soon! I'm really looking forward to it, especially with the current market situation in the GTA.

Hair & Make-up Artist: Elegant Makeup

Logo Design: Roop Creative Agency

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