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Let me introduce you to Sumu Sathi, the girl who tells Blunt Truth! Sumu is a multipreneur with media, business & social work experience. As a kickass business coach that is straight-up and honest, she helps people launching their businesses. It was great to get a phone call from Sumu, because we met a few years back (behind the scenes of her show Mandraa) and I was thinking back then how great it would be to capture her smiling eyes and bubbly personality!

Sumu is this great mix of a serious business person and a super-fun woman! You probably wouldn't guess from meeting her that she had to overcome lots of obstacles before she built a life of her dreams, because she's really positive and funny. All the hardships taught her how to inspire and motivate others, she is often a Speaker addressing women and young people.

Growing up, I struggled with everything from cultural pressures to poverty to sexual abuse to body image issues. Today, I’ve taken these struggles and turned them into a platform where I can inspire others, especially youth and women, to be brave and follow their passion.
— Sumu Sathi
The time is NOW. There is no tomorrow and no next week because that’s what you said yesterday and last week. Guess what? You’re in the same spot.
— Sumu Sathi

You can find Sumu at BluntTruthShow!


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