Cathy Missios, Pink Avocado Nutrition


I'm so excited to share Cathy's Branding Photoshoot with you! Cathy is a Holistic Nutritionist and I was drawn to her energy since our initial consultation call, because she's full of enthusiasm and humour and at the same time she's a total class act. I feel eternally grateful to work with women and learn from them every single day.

Cathy's personal brand is a Cali girl with a touch of Brigitte Bardot! She loves pink and her company's name is Pink Avocado Nutrition, so it was very important to have lots of pink.


We also made sure we have enough avocados on set!

Last but not least, we recorded Cathy's Social Media Video that is a perfect introduction and that she can also use as an ad.

If you want to work with a Nutritionist who can make you really excited about your goals, you can find Cathy on Instagram at @pinkavocadonutrition!

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