Stylist Rinat Samuel, R Style by Design


I met Rinat almost 5 years ago! I was so happy to do another Branding/Website Photoshoot for this beauty. Rinat is a Stylist with over 20 years of experience in vibrant Toronto. Her new photos needed to have that WOW factor!

What is Rinat's approach to fashion? "Everyone is an individual, and every individual is unique. No one look, fashion or design is right for everyone. We keep it top-of-mind in our work, as we help people transform their appearances –and their lives – into the very best visions they have of themselves!"




Rinat's baby-steps into original design were at the age of three (!), when she discovered a pair of zigzag scissors and used them to reinvent a dress for one of her mother’s clients. Her father, a third-generation sewing machine mechanic, gave her a sewing machine when she was just four years old.

We spent many hours laughing and capturing great looks with Rinat. It was hard to stop as she was pulling more and more great outfits... I felt like every one was better than the previous one! So much eye candy! In the end, the photos are such a wonderful legacy of Rinat's style. We can see influences from different fashion eras, yet everything goes with Rinat's charismatic personality and compliments her beauty perfectly. And that's exactly what Rinat does for people who choose her as their Stylist!

Make-up Artist: Candace French

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