Jazmine Juarez, Therapist & Yoga Coach


Soft and relaxing music was playing as I was capturing beautiful Jazmine. A Therapist and Yoga Coach based in Georgetown, Jazmine is deeply passionate about her work and helping others. She mixes more traditional therapy with yoga to give her clients the tools they need to work through their challenges.

Jazmine's Personal Branding Photoshoot was as elegant as she is and the brand colors she chose were mustard yellow, blue, green + neutrals.

During the photoshoot, the subject of mindfulness came up and I really enjoyed what Jazmine had to share on the subject. She also wrote a post on her blog: "Mindfulness practice can help us regulate our emotional inner experiences. Often times, we may drift into storyline that leads us further away from the present experience. Specifically, we feel sadness arise and then our mind starts thinking about sad memories or future worries about loss and the more we move with such thoughts, the more it can intensify the sadness. Mindfulness can help us identify and acknowledge what is happening and can bring us back to the present moment"

I also asked Jazmine why she started incorporating yoga into her practice.

"Yoga is so much more than a stress reliever.

I started to experience the changes in my personal life. The changes manifested both physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga became a way of being in this world, with myself and with those in my life. Informally, I noticed how it helped me to slow down and be connected with how I was feeling overall and also with how my actions affected those around me. I was able to listen to my emotions and to act accordingly - with kindness and compassion - which transmitted to being able to listen to and be with my loved ones and my clients with compassionate intention".

Brand Recipe

Colors: mustard yellow, blue, green + neutrals

Symbol: Tree of Life

Props: yoga matt, cozy pillows from Jazmine's home office, favorite books + Tree of Life necklaces were a must!

Why we loved working with Jazmine: she's an empath passionate about helping people, also her awesome hubby Shaun popped in towards the end for some more photos!

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