Nutritionist Adriana Rotella


Meet Holistic Nutritionist Adriana Rotella!

She is a wife, a mother and a world traveler. Adriana also has many years of experience working as a Stott Pilates Lead Instructor Trainer.

Proper nutrition plays such a big role in Adriana's family life. I was so impressed to see Adriana's son Noah crave healthy food and ask for his favourite healthy snacks during the photoshoot!

Adriana brought lots of yummy looking veggies and fruit for her photoshoot. It's always best to have your own props during a lifestyle/branding photoshoot. They add personality and authenticity to the photos.

As usual, we did a consultation before Adriana's photoshoot to determine what clothes would work best for her photoshoot. For hair and make-up, Adriana went with a natural and effortless look.

We kept Adriana's main branding color (blue) in mind throughout the whole photoshoot!

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