Greeniche VegeSlim with Laura De Sanctis

Happy New Year Everyone! We are starting with something very exciting. For many of us, a New Year is a great time to get in shape and start cultivating healthier eating habits.

VegeSlim is Greeniche's natural supplement that helps in weight management, safely and effectively! What does Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis say about it?

"What I love about VegeSlim is that this is another tool to help me suceed towards my wellness goals in a HEALTHY and realistic way"


Find out more about VegeSlim here!

Want more advice about healthy nutrition? Check out great tips from Laura De Sanctis here!

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Annu Gaidhu

It was such a pleasure to photograph Annu Gaidhu, Yoga Educator and Brand Ambassador for Greeniche so soon after her first Session with us!

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios
Hair & Make-up Artist: Candace French


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