Self marketing is awkward. I dislike most photos of myself & never feel confident putting them out for the world to see... yet it is so imperative to put a face to the name & present myself. I am my business. No face when I’m the face of my work wouldn’t work so well...

How did I overcome that?

Pure Studios

In a nutshell, Agnes makes you feel like you in a way you’re proud to present & share with the world! She specializes in branding photography & has a seamless way of empowering women to not only look great in photos but to feel great. Working with her changed my perspective on self portraits.

At our consultation she said something I laughed off... She told me to make plans for the night of our photo shoot because I’d leave feeling great about myself & wouldn’t want to take my head of done hair & makeuped face home. I didn’t believe her & showed up on shoot day an anxious mess...

I left feeling exactly how she told me I’d feel. On cloud 9, empowered, excited, confident! I was so in awe that I actually LIKED pictures of myself.
— Lara Stasiw

I work with Agnes on a regular basis for my photos and she’s made life so much easier for me! Photos were always such a source of frustration for me. Now, thanks to Agnes, they’re a breeze! She sources locations for our shoots, keeps my branding colours aligned in the photos, and always delivers the photos to me so quickly; she’s such a pro! On top of all of that, she’s a complete delight to work with. I highly recommend working with her when it comes to your business; you won’t regret it!
— Christie Ressel, Stylist & Youtuber

A couple of weeks ago I worked with the fabulous photographer Agnes from Pure Studios to take some professional photos of me & I just got back from her studio after the Reveal. I couldn’t be more ecstatic over the images she was able to capture of me. The interior design industry is all visual and that includes pictures of yourself. I am my brand so damnit I better look good, right? With any service company you are basically representing yourself and what your company stands for!
— Christine Da Costa, Decor by Christine

I strongly recommend Agnes Kiesz as the best personal branding photographer. Entrepreneurs who need professional photos for marketing must connect with her!

Recently I went through Agnes’ entire process: consultation, photo shoot and reveal. Her professionalism and commitment to impeccable work was evident in all sessions, as well as during her email communications and delivery of photos.

I’m thrilled with my photos, and I enjoyed the experience of the photo shoot more than I expected! Hair and make-up, arranged by Agnes for the day of the shoot, as well as a relaxed and supportive atmosphere in her studio, made the photo shoot special.It was an “event” for me! Agnes ensured I was comfortable having my photos taken, offered helpful suggestions, and never rushed the process.

I am new to marketing my business, as well as the use of social media platforms for sharing my brand. During each of the three sessions, Agnes patiently explained strategies for me to use in order to get my brand/services in front of my ideal clients. I appreciated this extra time and expertise.

I can’t imagine a better experience, or better professional to get this job done. On top of this, Agnes is warm, creative, smart person.I look forward to working with her again!
— Jane Kristoffy, Right Track Education

Hi Agnes,
This was a very important project for me and I wouldn’t think of anyone else I wanted to work with but you. You are an amazing photographer and a beautiful person :-)
I love my family and I am very blessed to have them in my life. It’s because of them I am who I am and where I am. I wanted to take those pictures for a long time and I am so very happy I finally did. The best money ever spent. I will enjoy them every single day. It was a very beautiful experience (as last time). You made us all feel amazing. I keep looking at the pictures and cry every time lol.
Thank you again :-)
— Anna Sowinski

Hi Agnes, I just wanted to thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience. I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little nervous because I know my awkwardness in front of a camera and through your expertise and amazing energy you made me feel so comfortable and beautiful and it’s an experience I will cherish forever. I am beyond thrilled with the finish product! You’ve exceeded my expectations by far!
— Maria Velasquez, Sweet Pineapple Events

Thank you again for such beautiful photos!
The whole experience was amazing and I can’t wait to share my photos on social media and my new website. As I mentioned before, you are so talented, professional and a joy to work with. I appreciate all of your feedback and guidance during this whole process and look forward to seeing you in the very near future.
— Kimberley Giancaterino, KAG Interiors

Thank you so much for all of it! The experience was really seamless and comfortable right from the beginning. As a result we got some really beautiful photos thanks to your guidance and expertise! There’s no doubt in my mind that we will work together again! I Love the photos. You are great and your work is beautiful.
Thanks again for everything!!
— Adriana Rotella

Hi Agnes,
Thanks so much! I wanted to thank you again for such a great experience. That was by the far the most structured and smoothest photoshoot I have ever been to.

After I left yesterday I felt so confident in myself after reviewing the photos and your photography skills.

I’m sure most women think this way, but during the shoot I was constantly thinking about if my hair was okay, if my smile didn’t look forced, if my outfits were looking good, that my legs didn’t look too large, my stomach rolls weren’t standing out, and that I wasn’t showing a double chin. I was also hoping by some small miracle I would look as great as the rest of your clients – they are all so beautiful and their outfits are amazing!

I’m still amazed by the photos and your talent of how you captured nothing of what I was worried about and everything about myself and my personality that I love. I feel very confident (especially after losing a lot of confidence after having a baby!) and empowered and think every woman deserves your services!

Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future.
— Nikki Fisher Gigault, NFG Designs

Agnes, you certainly know how to make a girl feel beautiful and I felt like nothing less than glamourous at my session. You were patient, you listened attentively and you are professional. You were certainly born to be a photographer because you have a keen eye for capturing individuals. I had a great time working with you and I look forward to working with you again!
— Francine Spencer

Dear Agnes, I was trying to find the perfect card and this one spoke to me to say thank you for the incredible day we had. Thank you for capturing my essence and making it such a beautiful experience! You are so talented and amazing in every way!
— Big Hugs, Renita

I do not have enough words to express how much I appreciate the photographs you have taken. I don’t want to call them photographs, they are more than that! We need to find another word! You made the experience empowering and I was so nervous, you made me so comfortable!
— Jasmeet Deol, Business Consultant

You are an inspiration to me! You exuded kindness, a heart of gold and the uncanny ability to see beauty in everything you photograph. You see the world through a love filled lens and you are one bad ass boss babe! Sending you a great big (((HUG)))
— Mary Mammoliti, Kitchen Confession

Agnes, it was a pleasure working with you! You made it so comfortable, effortless, and most importantly fun! You captured my look exactly the way I wanted and I can not wait to do it again! So excited to use all the pictures!
— Zehra Cheval

Such an awesome experience to work with you! You really bring out the best in people, encouraging and guiding. Every woman deserves a photoshoot like this. You made me feel comfortable and at home. Thank you! Love the pictures!
— Cathy Missios, Pink Avocado Nutrition

I don’t know if you get this all the time or not but all I know is what I feel. You have inspired me to be excited about my new beginning on my journey in life and there are not enough words in the dictionary to say how thankful I am for what you’ve done for me. Thank you!
— Nina

My initial branding consultation with Pure Studios left me incredibly inspired. Agnes provided step by step guidance paying attention to all the intricate details yet keeping the entire vision of our project in mind. The day of the shoot Agnes was simply professional and fun at the same time. The vision she created off camera truly became alive on camera. Her flawless and laid back approach to her work really shined through the entire time. The end result; beyond amazing branding photos. I am eternally grateful Agnes for this incredible experience.
— Aneta Kawa, Pink Pamplemousse Floral Studio

Agnes is so detailed oriented and really wants to understand your brand and what YOU are all about. I cannot recommend her enough! For anyone with a personal brand or business, this woman knows hers stuff! Just so much gratitude for this woman and her creativity! Thank you Agnes!
— Chelsea Johnson, Cue to Cue Podcast

Most of all, what I loved about working with Pure Studios was the level of professionalism and quality care. From the beginning to end, the process from planning to shooting and then revealing the final shots - flawless!

Agnes is beautiful inside and out! She took the time to make me feel comfortable, was genuine and made me feel welcomed in every way - it was her presence that I truly feel helped bring my best self out for the shoot. What I loved about Agnes, was before anything she took the time to get to know me as a person, and you could see my personality shining through each photograph because of that. Thank you Agnes! 
— Annu Gaidhu, Yoga & Health Educator, Miss India Canada 2014

Agnes, THANK YOU❤️
LoveLoveLove your philosophy to empower others through photography and your professional charm. You transformed my original request for a corporate photo into an inspiring personal experience!
— Molto Grazie xo Carmelina

So great to see you again today and to review all of the pictures! I love them and they’re even better than I anticipated! Can’t wait to show my hubby tonight over a glass of wine!
— Remy Warren

Agnes has amazing warmth. I might not look it, but usually I am not the best in front of a professional lens, and she made me feel like I owned it. Agnes, I love them all. I guess I’ll just keep rotating them :) Thank you.
— Ewa Henry, Painter & Illustrator

Agnes, thank you for the lovely photoshoot. Your approach made me feel comfortable and at ease. I felt confident throughout the day and it was captured in the photographs. You made me feel truly beautiful. Thank you for that. I will recommend you to anyone looking for photos.
— Ola Sobczak

Thanks so much for helping me bring my career aspirations to life!
— Amanpreet Dhami

I am in love with the pics! I am absolutely thrilled! Thanks again!
— Kim Morrison

Agnes, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the wonderful photo session today. Being photographed by you felt fun and natural, the time flew by, and I left feeling like I had the experience of connecting with myself and sharing it with someone who was able to understand and appreciate it.

Thank you for making this session so special and unforgettable.
— Vasilina Demidovich

Thank you Agnes for capturing “ME” - you are so truly gifted at what you do! You bring out the absolute best in everyone at the same time making them feel so comfortable. I can’t say enough good things about you!
— Melodie Fralick, Make-up Artist

Agnes made the entire experience easy, comfortable and fun! She is incredibly talented and her work speaks for itself.
From the moment I met her I was filled with confidence because of her professionalism.
Investing in these photographs was worth my time and money because Agnes has given me something that I can treasure forever. I cannot be happier with my photos; they are timeless and absolute perfection! I had a hard time choosing my favorites so I got them all!!!
I look forward to working with her again and creating magic.
— Anchelaa Thiru, Transformation Coach

Thank you soooooo sooooo much. You have no idea how much your work has boosted my confidence to tackle the world! I am totally referring you to EVERYONE I know!
— Abida Rahman, The RAH Digest

It was so wonderful meeting you and working with you and I’m looking forward to more creative photoshoots. You helped me push myself gently into new creative spaces and you did it with love and respect and compassion, and for that I am forever grateful!
— Jessie Arora, Actress

I own both a Beauty Business and a Medical Spa and Personal Branding is key in my industry. Agnes captures my energy without me even having to direct my vision much and she makes me feel STUNNING!
— Kavita Suri, Infuse Med Spa & Kavita Suri Beauty Inc.

We get lost in the daily humdrum of life of being a mom, working and living. What started off as business portraits turned into ME time! A picture tells a story and holds a million words... it can’t lie because it’s a snapshot of time. I had forgotten things about myself that I love... that I am not just a realtor and my most important role as a mom but that I am a woman.

Circumstances don’t make a person... beauty comes from within. And to love yourself is the greatest gift and that is what makes you great at the other roles you have in life.

Thank you Agnes!
— Tricia Aneesa Ali

When you’re used to seeing yourself glammed up a fair bit, on screen or in print, it’s very hard to be impressed with photographs of yourself. Being fairly self-critical doesn’t help either. Needless to say, photo shoots although fun, are often laced with much anxiety.

But my latest session was different. The photographer, a friend & ex-colleague, made it an absolute joy. Not only was I comfortable, but she calmed me down, made me feel beautiful & captured images I can truly say I love.

Thank you SO much Agnes for a brilliant shoot & a wonderful working experience!
— Dilshad Burman, TV Personality & Actress

Everyone should be touched by Agnes’ angelic artistry at Pure Studios at least once! What I find so amazing about Agnes’ work is her ability to truly “know” each of her subjects, discovering their personalities and their desires and allowing them to shine in front of her lens.

I have had several photo shoots with Agnes and each time she completely dedicates herself to understanding my purpose, my goals and my comforts making the experience working with her truly memorable and very personable. Throughout the shoots, she allows me to work out of my comfort zone by establishing an intimate connection with me - and through this all, my inner light is captured beautifully.
— Daniel Pillai, Media Personality

Agnes, I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s photo shoot. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I really love your style. I cannot wait to shoot with you again, when I am training for my fitness competition. Thank you for being so lovely to work with and so accommodating.
— Laura De Sanctis, Nutritionist

I love Pure Studios and Agnes Kiesz, a Photographer who truly brings out the essence in everyone she shoots... we MUST do this again my dearest!
— Raj Girn, CEO ANOKHI Media

The first thing that grabbed me during the shooting was Agnes’ gentle approach and calmness mixed with passion for unearthing different shades of beauty that lie in an ordinary woman met on a street. I have never seen myself as a model. Agnes’ photographs proved to me that I am a young woman, a delicate Botticelli’s creature. I felt special, as Agnes looked deeply into my eyes, and   in trusting her, she evoked my subtle feminine spirit, and then made it shine.
— Aga Szewczyk