Gender Sense Founder Remy Warren

Remy is the Founder of Gender Sense, exciting new self-administered test that reveals the sex of a developing baby just 10 weeks after conception without the dangers of an ultrasound.

For Remy's Branding Photoshoot, we made sure she has variety of photos incorporating colors of her new product!

Greeniche VegeSlim with Laura De Sanctis

Happy New Year Everyone! We are starting with something very exciting. For many of us, a New Year is a great time to get in shape and start cultivating healthier eating habits.

VegeSlim is Greeniche's natural supplement that helps in weight management, safely and effectively! What does Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis say about it?

"What I love about VegeSlim is that this is another tool to help me suceed towards my wellness goals in a HEALTHY and realistic way"


Find out more about VegeSlim here!

Want more advice about healthy nutrition? Check out great tips from Laura De Sanctis here!

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Christmas Home Tour 2017

I am ready for Christmas!

I am ready for Christmas!

Hello everyone! As you can see, this week there's something very special and out of the ordinary on the blog. I've been posting little teasers of my Christmas decor on Insta stories and many of you asked for a Christmas Home Tour! We actually just moved into this house only 2 months ago. The moments we stepped in it just felt like home to us, so holiday decorating this year has been very special!

I'll be honest, I did not buy a ton of decorations as I'm still furnishing the house. That's why our decor is quite minimalist and very pure! I had a lot of fun picking my 'pure decorations' in a very soft palette. Lots of white (I'm wishing for a white Christmas!), silver and gold. I've decided to add a strong black ribbon accent to my Christmas tree because I have black photo frames in my living room, so it ties the decor beautifully. It also reminds me of elegant Tiffany's packaging!

Enjoy the tour!

This year I wanted to add a more arty and elegant touch, that's why I went with black & white ribbons, I also found a great, big, white, wooden 'snowflake' at Bouclair!

At the same store I also bought a crystal snow ball with a white owl inside. I simply love owls. They symbolize strength and wisdom. When we moved with my husband into our first condo, the first time we stepped on the balcony, we saw a white owl fly by! This new house actually has a wooden owl in the garden, which I obviously loved when we first saw it.

The holiday cards I sent out are gold & silver.

I'm really happy with how our living room is decorated! I simply adore our white christmas tree, as I always wish for White Christmas... The lights on the tree partially stopped working, but I didn't want to buy a new one this year, as we were in a hurry leaving for Cuba to relax for a week before the holidays. I added more shiny decorations to make up for that!

The black ribbon is so elegant and really pops!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and the most wonderful New Year!

love always,