Do you VALUE yourself?

Last month I had an experience that really made me want to write about self-value. I had a beautiful woman cry from happiness during her Portrait Reveal. Since she started having kids, she avoided the camera and did not feel beautiful because of what her ex-husband had told her. Seeing this great woman in front of me, seeing her tears and hearing about her experience I could not be more surprised...


Where do you get your sense of self-value and confidence from? Is it from other people or from within yourself, from knowing you are a good person and that you are worthy? If you get it from others, it is a matter of Luck, it is a matter of what people you will meet on your journey. Do you appreciate your body simply because it is healthy and strong? Do you feel bad about yourself because skinny models are on the pages of magazines and then seven years later you do not feel curvy enough, because now the trends have changed?

When I first became a professional photographer, it astounded me how many people were scared of the camera. Many people take photos when they HAVE to, way less people take photos to create a legacy for themselves and for their family. People would call me and say mostly: “I HAVE to take new headshots” or “I NEED photos to put in my new project”. 

Exist in photographs, do not hide behind the camera.


You are good enough Now. Not when you loose weight, not when you have fancy wardrobe, not when you get your dream pair of shoes. Now.

When photographers take a photo of someone, although we are taking the photo of their outside-self, it is the energy of the person and their inner beauty that we see – that is our guide when we take the photographs of people. And every human being deserves to be seen!

While on the subject of self-value, I just HAVE TO mention The He/She Project which we had the pleasure of working on with Daniel Pillai - it was such an honour to be a part of Daniel's journey to self-acceptance. Here is a look behind shooting The He/She Project!

love always,