Sara Rahimi, Life Coach & Grief Recovery Specialist

Meet Sara Rahimi, a very inspiring Life Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist. Sara's Branding/Website Photoshoot was such a wonderful experience from start to finish and her positive and bubbly nature inspired me to try a few things I haven't before!


Sara is a wonderful person to help others because she herself has been through a lot of challenges in her life. Moving to a new country, going through divorce, losing her parents... all these experiences were no match to her strength and passion for life.

[...] I left Iran feeling insecure, broken and lost. Everyone was worried about me.

Today, I’m visiting my hometown with pride in my heart knowing that I am a strong, confident and independent woman. Transformed and empowered

Life has its ups and downs. We never know how strong and powerful we are until we’re tested. Sometimes what we’re most afraid of is the very thing that will set us free, but only if we have the courage to try.
— Sara Rahimi

For anyone wanting to get in touch with Sara, you can find her at Elle Life Coaching.

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