What professionals can learn from... Beyoncé

When Beyoncé released her visual album “Lemonade”, the world nearly stopped. The entertainment industry has been talking about little else but the film and the album since its release on April 23, 2016.

Why is that? Aside from being an amazing artist, Beyoncé has her own way of doing things that is very true to herself and her brand. There are three things she does very consistently that all professionals can learn from her.


1. Differentiate yourself from the crowd

There is a standard of how singles and albums are promoted and released in the music industry. But when you do things the exact same way everyone else does, you just blend into the crowd. “Lemonade” is Beyoncé's second album to be released without any prior promotion or announcement. As she explained, she wanted to do it the way that felt natural to her.


How does this apply to business photography?

When people think about getting their professional photos done, they often check what all other professionals have and they go for the exact same thing. The result? Generic photos with a stock quality to them. Do not be afraid of standing out from the crowd and when you do that, be very true to yourself.


2. Go the extra mile, it will be well worth it

Producing albums with every song being accompanied by a music video is a huge amount of work and a big investment as well. Beyoncé is never afraid of putting more value than it's expected out there. It always seems she has “what more can I do this time?” on her mind.


How does this apply to business photography?

Be creative with how you use your professional photos to get most value out of them. They can definitely be used in more ways than just for your LinkedIn and business cards. Incorporate them into your newsletter for a personal touch. Use them in presentations, combine them with your favourite quotes. Do not be shy of displaying your business portrait in your office for a powerful first impression.


3. Focus on your strengths and be confident in your abilities

When Beyoncé started her solo carrier, she had a different sound and look than most singers. She was not interested in mimicking anybody, instead she focused on her strengths. As a result, she inspired women everywhere to feel confident in their curvy bodies and she earned a huge fan base.


How does this apply to business photography?

Always embrace your look and your strengths. If you are insightful, it should be the focus in your photographs. If you are trustworthy, it should be the focus in your photographs. If you have a smile that lights up the entire room... you know the drill!


At the end of the day, personal branding is about staying true to yourself. Always embrace your strengths. And when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!