Cathy Missios, Pink Avocado Nutrition


Fall is here and treating us with so much beauty. I was sad about summer ending but the fall once again proved how gorgeous it is! I truly got to appreciate fall landscapes with Nutritionist Cathy Missios. Cathy is our subscriber, which means she benefits from regular photoshoots. This way she has great content for her marketing, her social media is growing very fast and she can focus on her clients.

Cathy is absolutely hilarious, so it’s always great working with her. Keep reading to get Cathy’s advice about seasonal produce!


“By purchasing local foods in season from local farms, your food dollar goes directly to farmers, you eliminate environmental damage caused by shipping foods thousand of miles and you'll enjoy the health benefits of eating fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Plus, local, seasonal produce just tastes better!” - Cathy Missios


“So what’s in season? Here in Ontario the following are ready for you: tomatoes, squash, pumpkins, peppers, onions, potatoes, pears, grapes, lettuce, garlic, eggplant, cucumber, corn, celery, cauliflower, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, beets, beans, apples!” - Cathy Missios. Well, that’s a lot of choice!


Cathy’s last branding photoshoot took place in Streetsville, which is a fabulous location for fall photography. I’m excited to shoot there again. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this beautiful fall and eat healthy, local foods!

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