The one thing you need to do to have a successful Photo Session

Throughout the years of working as a Photographer, I have heard so many stories from people I had the pleasure of photographing. Most people are a bit stressed about being photographed and many of them bring up stories of unsuccessful past photoshoots they were unhappy about...



Fortunately there is one simple thing you can do to pretty much make sure that your Photo Session will be a wonderful, positive experience and an absolute SUCCESS!

It is your Consultation.

Why is it so important?


1. A no-pressure consultation gives you a chance to meet your Photographer

A professional, confident Photographer should not have a problem to meet you for a complimentary consultation. This meeting will help you determine if you trust this person with your image, which is extremely important. Working with someone you feel good around will allow you to be very comfortable in front of the camera during an actual photoshoot. This will obviously affect the results greatly!


2. During a consultation, you can ask questions and communicate your needs

When you understand the process fully, you feel very confident about having your photos done. Many of us also have an idea of how we want to look like, we have favourite angles, maybe some things we don't like about ourselves... It is crucial to communicate those issues beforehand, so the Photographer can prepare and ultimately create imagery you DO love and want! A good Photographer will give you tips and advice based on what your needs are, which will make you well prepared and very excited for your photoshoot!


3. An in-person consultation is where Photographer's vision for your photoshoot comes together

We are all so busy nowadays and we always try to have less meetings, yet it is really during the Consultation that the vision for your photoshoot is created in Photographer's mind. Years of experience have taught me that arranging things via e-mail rather that phone or in person is simply asking for trouble and leaving lots of room for misunderstandings. During the actual photoshoot, there's no time to communicate the vision. There is hair and make-up being done, lights being set up, wardrobe getting that last steaming and many, many more things going on... The connection between the client and the Photographer that will determine the outcome is established during the Consultation.


Remember, a Photo Session should be a wonderful experience you will remember forever!

By doing a Consultation you make sure you go with someone you feel confident with who can create exactly what you want for you!