Chelsea Alyssa


My work took me to Ottawa few weeks ago where I had the pleasure of photographing Chelsea, a fashion blogger. I was super excited for this photoshoot and even freezing temperatures below -20 C in Ottawa didn’t spoil my mood.

Staying in Ottawa reminded me how incredibly nice Canadians are. People are more stressed in Toronto, finding less and less time for small talk, smiling at strangers and they definitely have way less patience. It was especially nice to be around kind people before Christmas and it has put me in a great holiday mood.


Chelsea looked radiant in vibrant reds for her Christmas photoshoot. She is incredibly gorgeous and confident. I always adore working with confident (don’t mistake with arrogant!) women. I believe we should see all kinds of beauty out there in the media. This idea that only one kind of beauty should be the goal is incredibly harmful to women across the globe.


As I’m writing this blog post, I obviously have Christmas on my mind. I’m feeling extremely grateful for this year and all the work I had the opportunity of creating. I’m excited to spend this Christmas in my home country of Poland with my family (first time in 7 years!). I hope you’re enjoying holiday preparations and not stressing yourself too much. It’s the time of the year to appreciate what we have and feel grateful!

It’s Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air
— W.T. Ellis

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