Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis


I photographed Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis of Go With Your Gut again in late summer & early fall and didn’t have the chance to share her beautiful photos yet! The locations were simply perfect for Laura’s brand.

Keep scrolling down to read Laura’s advice on eating habits & patterns.


“As a nutritionist I get asked lots of questions: Will my plan work for healing leaky gut or IBS symptoms? What foods should I eat versus what foods should I avoid? What diet plan do I subscribe to? What’s the fastest way to lose weight?... The list goes on and on.

What I encourage all my clients and my IG fans and followers to do if you want to get healthy and back on track is to create a food log & meal journal. How are you feeling when you eat X? Did you skip any meals? Did you eat mindlessly a bag of chips sitting in front of the TV or scrolling on IG? (Come on, don’t lie!) Pay attention to these patterns […]

[…] Let’s be real here, in times of stress most people don’t crave salads. They crave s*it! Chocolate, cookies, candy, chips, bread... all the gluten you can dream of. Why is that? Tap in and ask yourself the next time you catch yourself eating copious amounts of simple carbs or junk food. What is it you’re really craving for? There is most likely an emotion attached to the food you are craving or eating. In many cases people eat or over eat because something else is lacking in their life. Some food for thought, for all my lovebugs” - Laura De Sanctis


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