Photoshoot FAQ

1. Can I get a spray tan before the photoshoot?

Spray tan can look quite orange in photos, so it's better not to get spray tan or use self-tanners before the photoshoot. If you want to look tan, it's better to use a tanning bed. Avoid tan lines, which are extremely hard to remove in editing.

2. Can I do my own hair & make-up?

Your hair & make-up plays a big role in your photoshoot! For branding photos, you should look your best but still like You. You should really like the end result, so it's best our artists who are experienced and have worked with us on countless photoshoots help you. Please remember that photoshoot make-up needs to be a little stronger than everyday make-up.


3. Can you photoshop me?

Light airbrushing is included in our service! There's also a lot that can be done with posing and flattering angles if you want to look more toned and slim in your photos.

4. Can I bring multiple outfits to the photoshoot?

Of course! The more effort you put into bringing the right clothes, the better your photos will be. Your photoshoot will take up to 3 hours, so there's time to change for sure! We suggest to bring at least 5 different outfits. Don't forget about accessories!


5. I don’t know what to do in front of the camera! What are some tips for posing with the right angles?

It's MY job as a Photographer to pose you and make you feel comfortable so your photos look amazing. In fact the majority of people don't know how to pose and why should they? They're not models. All people you see in our portfolio are real clients I gently guide through posing. You can see how much fun they have even though they were doubtful in the beginning.

It’s a big subject but the biggest two tips I can give you are: 1. Whatever is the closest to the lens will appear the biggest & 2. For women, an hourglass is the most desirable shape, so angles that highlight the hourglass are the best.


6. I never know what to wear...

Not a problem – before your photoshoot we do a Brand/Wardrobe Consultation and we will talk about what will work best for your photoshoot!

7. Which lens do you recommend for bloggers and lifestyle photos?

Definitely a lens that gives you a lot of variety, like 24-70 mm.

I hope this FAQ answered your questions about doing a photoshoot! If you have more questions, you can always e-mail me!



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