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Interior Designer Christine Da Costa


Meet lovely Christine of Decor by Christine - she’s an experienced Interior Designer and self-proclaimed glamamama! Christine is one of the most energetic clients I’ve ever had and her happiness really translates through the photos.

In addition to offering interior design services, Christine also has an online store on her website with accessories hand picked by her! I fell in love with mugs, blankets and prayer beads she brought to the photoshoot and I couldn’t resist to purchase them for myself.

Christine’s motto is “decorate as you dress”. I love that because her style is nothing short of amazing. She approaches a room like a woman’s outfit: buy great, timeless pieces that have longevity and accessorize with less expensive items! “I’ve always loved how Fashion intersects with Interior Design and frankly I cannot get enough of both!”

A couple of weeks ago I worked with the fabulous photographer Agnes from Pure Studios to take some professional photos of me & I just got back from her studio after the Reveal. I couldn’t be more ecstatic over the images she was able to capture of me. The interior design industry is all visual and that includes pictures of yourself. I am my brand so damnit I better look good, right? With any service company you are basically representing yourself and what your company stands for!
— Christine Da Costa

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Photoshoot FAQ

Photoshoot FAQ

Should you get spray tan? How to pose? Will we photoshop you? What outfits to wear? Was is a great lens for blogger photography? Check out answers to these & other questions in this Photoshoot FAQ!…

Life Coach Anchelaa Thiru

Life Coach Anchelaa Thiru

It’s not a secret that video is a great way of connecting with your audience when it comes to social media marketing. Our process of making a video for Life Coach Anchelaa Thiru started with a consultation. We discussed what she wanted to convey and we worked from there. The vision translated into different sets and outfits, which we had plenty of fun filming!…

Simone Maman, Holistic Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach

Simone Maman, Holistic Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach

From the very first phone call with Simone, I knew working with her would be wonderful and we would create beautiful photos for her business. She’s so warm, genuine and fantastic at what she does. 🌶🍅🍓

Ruby Sohi, Royal Blue Events

Ruby Sohi, Royal Blue Events

Our featured GirlBoss of the week is Ruby Sohi of Royal Blue Events, Ruby studied in London, UK and has over 10 years of experience in her industry. She is very passionate about event planning and has received awards for her work. In her own words, "I believe everything is possible. I see opportunity in everything"

GTA Realtor Sandeep Sohal

Earlier this year I kept thinking how I can deliver more value to my wonderful clients and plump up my packages. With social media marketing booming right now, it was a natural solution to finally utilize my TV experience. I worked as a TV reporter for over 5 years and I LOVED interviewing people and telling their stories! Thanks to that, filming Social Media Ads and directing people comes easy for me and I am very excited to deliver this service to more boss babes!


We have worked with Sandeep Sohal before and her Social Media Ad shoot was really effortless! Sandeep is a true professional, honest and knowledgeable. She makes the buying/selling process enjoyable and stress-free for her clients.

Hair & Make-up by: Elegant Makeup



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Host of Cue to Cue Podcast Chelsea Johnson

You must have noticed by now that our Personal Branding/Website Photoshoots are very popular with image-savvy female entrepreneurs! I always pour my heart and soul into projects with fellow girlbosses because I want to support them and give them the best possible imagery so they can stand out and communicate what they are all about!

Every photoshoot is special. Chelsea Johnson is the Host of Cue to Cue Podcast for Performers. Her experience as an actor, singer, director and vocal coach makes her an awesome Podcast Teacher!

Chelsea is currently finishing her Online Course for Podcasters, so we asked her what are Three Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Starting A Podcast. Keep on scrolling to find out!


Chelsea's brand colors are gold/yellow, black, white and she loves metalics, so we designed the photoshoot and styled the sets with this in mind! If you look closely, you'll notice Chelsea's eye color is actually gold! #thegirlwithgoldeneyes

Watch Chelsea's Super-Fun Social Media Ad!


1. What is the purpose of your podcast (other than to drive sales to your current business)?
Ask yourself, what do you want your listener to take away from tuning in? Do you want to educate, entertain, or perhaps inspire your audience? There absolutely can be crossover but what is the reason the listener will deliberately come to your podcast for? It doesn’t mean you can’t be funny and educate people but one of those two will end up being the reason people will keep coming back to your show.

2. Is this a hobby or a serious endeavour?

If you want to keep your podcast a hobby and just do some periodic episodes whenever the feeling strikes then you don’t need to concern yourself any further. Have fun! For those of you who want to take podcasting seriously and grow your audience and have the potential for monetization then you need to be prepared to work. Some people start a podcast because they enjoy listening to podcasts and think that it seems like a lot of fun! All you have to do is turn on the microphone! How hard can it be? I will be the first to tell you that I absolutely love podcasting and love it even more than I thought I would initially but make no mistake, like anything else that you want to get good at, it takes time and consistent effort.


Tip: Decide how often you would like to release an episode. Once a month? Once a week? Understand that once you release your first episode(s) Apple Podcast looks at how consistently you are releasing new episodes and takes that into consideration when placing you in the ranking in Apple podcasts. In other words, if you are not posting consistently, it could affect your visibility to potential listeners of your podcasts. So, if you are going to do an episode once a week, pick a day and stick with it.

3. Who do you want to serve?

This is so important! You need establish who it is you are talking to and how you are going to solve their problems. Whether that is by helping someone overcome their fears and take the leap into the world of entrepreneurship or giving someone something to laugh about while they are potentially stuck in traffic on their way home from work.

Get specific! DO NOT TRY TO SERVE EVERYONE! You will become exhausted and you will ultimately fail at it. Not everyone will listen and that’s okay. You want to have like minded listeners that engage with you and are invested in what your show brings to the table.

Like those tips from Chelsea? More here!


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