the he/she project

The He/She Project

The He/She Project is Daniel Pillai's celebration and acceptance of all the experiences that have led him to this point of self-expression.

Daniel was bullied as a child in school and at home with his family. Often times whenever he experienced and faced this unacceptance it was through derogatory terms such as "He/She" to distastefully highlight his feminine characteristics as an innate abnormality.

This photo editorial is an attempt to reclaim the phrase "He/She" and any variation associated with it, across any language and culture.

Today Daniel uses the phrase which was used to malign him and his spirit to celebrate himself through images.

"I am proud to be HE. I am proud to be SHE" - Daniel Pillai

Creative Concept: DANIEL PILLAI & Pure Studios
Photography & Design: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios
Dupattas: Mani Jassal