exist in photos

Rita & Olivia

It is the joy of my profession to be able to capture people and the story of their lives. I met Rita few years back when she was updating her business portraits. It was such a pleasure to photograph her again, this time with her teenage daughter Olivia. There's a beautiful bond between them that we captured for all time in timeless style!

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios
Hair & Make-up Artist: Sara/Elegant Make-up


Beautiful Inez called me looking for business portraits, but then opened up about the fact that she really wants to exist in photographs for her husband and two boys. We had such a wonderful Session and she blew me away with her beauty, both inside and out!

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios
Make-up Artist: Sara/Elegant Make-up

... and here's a look Behind The Scenes of Inez's Session:

Decorating with Portraits - 3 Easy Ways

Seaside scenes, landscapes and abstract works all have their place, but nothing will ever be as meaningful and cherished as beautiful portraits of you and your family. Your portraits displayed proudly celebrate your family, fill the rooms with it's history and simply make you smile every single day you look at them. They add indescribable warmth and make your home truly Yours.

Today I want to share with you 3 of my favourite, creative ways of decorating with portraits that are easy, elegant and modern!

  1. Gallery Wall

A Gallery Wall is such a creative way of displaying your portraits. It is always a big conversation-starter in our home. Sky is the limit here! You can mix different styles of frames to create a more eclectic look. To add a twist, I hanged the frames, but left the middle one leaning on the wall. You can add photographs to your wall as you create more memories and as your family grows!

  1. Portrait Shelf

A Portrait Shelf gives you so much freedom - you can move your portraits around, try different combinations and easily add to it as you go!

3. Sideboard Portrait Display

This is a very traditional way of decorating. My tip to make it more contemporary is to not only use frames! Right here I mixed frames with beautiful bamboo blocks to add versatility and depth.

Few last tips:

  1. Use mainly Black & White Photographs – they are timeless and will not create a messy look.

  2. Use Matts – even a small photograph in a matt looks elegant and grand!

  3. Choose Candid Photographs expressing emotion in addition to traditional portraits for Variety!

What are some of your favourite ways of decorating with portraits? How did you decorate your home? Do share - I would love to know!

Laura De Sanctis

Laura is a Holistic Nutritionist and Digestive Health Coach. It was wonderful to photograph her again. This Personal Branding Session took place mostly in the kitchen and was so colourful, fresh and fun!

You can find Laura at gowithyourgut.org

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/PURE studios

Here's a look at Laura's Personal Branding Session:

Daniel Pillai

I remember the first time I photographed Daniel two years ago. As outgoing and camera-experienced as he is as a Media Personality, he was still a little shy and even brought a friend with him for support. Since then, he was in front of my lens many more times and it has been such a treat to watch him on his journey of self-acceptance and self-love! He has developed into a confident human being who expresses himself freely and inspires other people to do the same.

Everyone should be touched by Agnes’ angelic artistry at Pure Studios at least once! What I find so amazing about Agnes’ work is her ability to truly “know” each of her subjects, discovering their personalities and their desires and allowing them to shine in front of her lens.

I have had several photo shoots with Agnes and each time she completely dedicates herself to understanding my purpose, my goals and my comforts making the experience working with her truly memorable and very personable. Throughout the shoots, she allows me to work out of my comfort zone by establishing an intimate connection with me - and through this all, my inner light is captured beautifully.
— Daniel Pillai

... and here's a look Behind The Scenes of Daniel's latest Personal Branding Session:

Annu Gaidhu

Some people have this LIGHT inside them...

Annu Gaidhu is a Yoga Instructor and Health Educator, she also holds Miss Canada 2014 title.

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/PURE studios

... and here's a look Behind The Scenes of Annu's Personal Branding Session:

João Vicente

João Vicente is a Media Professional with over 10 years of experience. Canadian-Portuguese community knows him very well as the Host and Producer of Canada Contacto. It has been such a pleasure to help João with updating his Personal Branding photos.

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/PURE studios

The colour EVERYONE looks great in

Those who have already been photographed by me know that I always encourage people to bring at least one white clothing item to a Session. Some people love wearing white and some have NEVER worn it and are quite reluctant to be captured in white.

Here are 5 reasons why I love photographing people in white:

1. It is modern yet timeless

A crisp white outfit has the air of freshness that looks beautiful in photographs. It is edgy yet it never goes out of style! A great combination of contemporary and classic.

Anchelaa Thiru, Transformation Coach

Anchelaa Thiru, Transformation Coach

2. It is a perfect canvas to tell the story of who you are

Whether you are wearing white for a Personal Branding or Portrait Session, it will not take the focus away from you. Instead the focus of the photograph will simply be You – your expression and smile, your personality and your story.

Nancy Miller, Marketing Planning Expert

Nancy Miller, Marketing Planning Expert

Daniel Pillai, Media Personality

Daniel Pillai, Media Personality

3. It works with all skin colours

White compliments all skin colours beautifully. Although some people would argue it looks better with more tan, proper lighting by your Photographer will ensure white looks gorgeous even with pale skin.

Renata Klimaszewska

Renata Klimaszewska

Tracy Peart, Citytv Make-up Artist

Tracy Peart, Citytv Make-up Artist

4. It is flattering - if your Photographer knows how to pose you properly

Many people only like wearing dark colours for Photo Sessions, because they feel they are not very fit at the moment. Unless you are a model, it is not your job to pose yourself in the most flattering way. It is your Photographer's job to guide you through posing and to make you look your best - in white as well!

Tricia Aneesa, Real Estate Agent

Tricia Aneesa, Real Estate Agent

Laura De Sanctis, Nutritionist

Laura De Sanctis, Nutritionist

5. It is very easy to integrate images with dominating white into any type of design

White is a great colour to wear during a Personal Branding Session. Those images have to work well with different types of design. Images with dominating white are easy to integrate into your website, your social media, business cards, fliers and pamphlets, magazine advertisement etc. You will not be stuck after having a Session with images that do not fulfill your needs!

Anchelaa Thiru, Transformation Coach

Anchelaa Thiru, Transformation Coach

I hope I have convinced you to bring at least one white outfit to your next Session! Until then...

Mikeisha Paul

Beautiful Mikeisha is all about personality and that infectious smile! During her Personal Branding Session, she wanted me to capture both professional and personal portraits. Having just had her second baby, she wanted timeless images her family, babies and one day grand kids will have forever

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/ Pure Studios
Make-Up Artist: Elegant Makeup

Take a look Behind The Scenes of Mikeisha's Personal Branding Session:

Nancy Miller

Nancy is an expert in Marketing Planning and while updating her Personal Branding photos, she wanted modern lifestyle images in addition to classic corporate headshots. She wanted the photographs to put focus on her confidence and insightfulness as well as being approachable. Nancy is one of those people who are very nervous coming in for their Session, but through guidance open up and do extremely well in front of the camera!

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/PURE studios