My Before & After and how I feel about it

I'm so excited to share my Before & After with you!

In my Before Photo, I look simply how I look every day when I wake up. There is no make-up on my face, my hair is not styled and I'm not projecting anything through my body language or expression.

My After Photo is how I choose to present myself as a professional. I'm wearing delicate make-up, my hair is done and I'm really working my angles! There is now color on my face, so you can see my features clearly, like the shape of my eyes or lips.

I wonder, how do You feel about before & afters? I know there are women who would never be comfortable with posting a naked face photo... My take on it is... We are all human! Make-up, hair styling, posing are a form of art, but that does NOT mean we are not beautiful without it!


Both of those images are me.

As women, we have many faces and we can present ourselves many different ways. What is amazing is that we have the power to choose how we present ourselves to the world!

I cannot be defined by one single image and neither can you.
But I know I am confident with who I am in both my Before and After Photo.

love always,

Agnes xoxo