Kavita Suri

I love working with entrepreneurs who are so honest about their personal and professional journeys... I've been working with Kavita Suri, Owner of Infuse Med Spa for years now as she enjoys doing a branding photo session every year.  And every single year we think we won't be able to out-do ourselves next time, yet we always manage to!

This project takes a very special place in my heart as the inspiration for it was the story of the rising phoenix, a suggestion that came from Kavita's dear friend, artistic director Umbereen Inayet. It just so happened that we were going through some difficult times and growing pains, so we poured our hearts and souls into the project.

The goal was to remind us all that through hardships we can be reborn, shed parts of ourselves we no longer need and come out stronger in the process. Eternal and beautiful, the Phoenix "represents hope and life, it is a symbol of strength in face of calamity and destruction, [...] there is no greater symbol for a man's indomitable will".

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios

watch Behind The Scenes with Kavita:

Water symbolizes re-birth, start of a new era

She is beautiful, she is strong, she is victorious!

Often it’s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self
— Karen Salmansohn