Natalie Sommer, Simple Food & Wellness


Meet Natalie Sommer, Culinary Nutrition Expert! Natalie's mantra for her business is 'keeping it simple'. Simple Food and Wellness was created with the same goal in mind. To weed through the overwhelming world of health and wellness and educate you with the "Coles Notes" version so you may be inspired and motivated to apply what you see fit into your life.

Natalie is a Certified Teacher who has decided to go into health and wellness industry when her daughter was experiencing negative side effects after multiple surgeries.

The knowledge I acquired from the amazing health and wellness community has helped tremendously in her healing journey as well as mine. I am beyond fascinated by all this life changing information, so much so that it is the new direction of my educational career.
— Natalie Sommer

It was pure pleasure to work with Natalie due to her warm and kind nature. I will not lie, eating delicious food prepared by her was a big bonus!

Natalie's beautiful and spacious house was a dream location for her lifestyle photoshoot. Georgian Bay is always stunning. I'm really excited for Natalie to start hosting retreats in this gorgeous setting!

As a busy mom, Natalie wears very little make-up, so she went with a soft, natural look. Sara from Elegant Makeup as usual did a great job!

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