Nikki Fisher Gigault, Interior Decorator


Meet Nikki, Interior Decorator and Founder of NFG Designs. It was fantastic to work with Nikki due to her attention to detail (she was very well prepared!), easy-going nature and her trust in my skill.

At work, Nikki's motto is 'Let Go and Let Nikki'! She mentioned she has an obsession with chairs like most women have obsessions with shoes...

As every woman, Nikki has many faces. She is sophisticated, but also very warm, friendly and funny. it was important to capture different sides of her personality during this Personal Branding Photoshoot.

Thanks to Nikki's wonderful clients, we had the opportunity of photographing her in their home she's decorated so beautifully. Nikki’s personal style is what she calls “tailored traditional”, where neutral foundations set the tone, and added layers bursting full of playful colours and patterns bring in personality. She believes these traits are the groundwork to creating interiors that are defined to each of her clients own styles.


1. It doesn't need to "match", it needs to go.

2. Neutralss go with everything, but you need colour, texture and pattern to make any space pop.

3. It's the extra details we propose you should consider the most, especially if it is out of your comfort zome.

4. No one should be afraid to sit on anything.

5. You contractor, architect, friend or family member are not your designer. Don't rely on them to give you answers, everyone will have a different opinion.

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