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Meet an amazing Hair & Make-up Artist and Educator Tuhina! Tuhina wanted her photos to be iconic and timeless. She loves wearing black and gold, so she prepared great outfits in those colors. Props included a director’s chair and of course a make-up artist’s kit!

Through our gentle process, this beauty opened up during the magical afternoon of her photoshoot.

Art is the elimination of the unnecessary
— Pablo Picasso

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Interior Designer Christine Da Costa


Meet lovely Christine of Decor by Christine - she’s an experienced Interior Designer and self-proclaimed glamamama! Christine is one of the most energetic clients I’ve ever had and her happiness really translates through the photos.

In addition to offering interior design services, Christine also has an online store on her website with accessories hand picked by her! I fell in love with mugs, blankets and prayer beads she brought to the photoshoot and I couldn’t resist to purchase them for myself.

Christine’s motto is “decorate as you dress”. I love that because her style is nothing short of amazing. She approaches a room like a woman’s outfit: buy great, timeless pieces that have longevity and accessorize with less expensive items! “I’ve always loved how Fashion intersects with Interior Design and frankly I cannot get enough of both!”

A couple of weeks ago I worked with the fabulous photographer Agnes from Pure Studios to take some professional photos of me & I just got back from her studio after the Reveal. I couldn’t be more ecstatic over the images she was able to capture of me. The interior design industry is all visual and that includes pictures of yourself. I am my brand so damnit I better look good, right? With any service company you are basically representing yourself and what your company stands for!
— Christine Da Costa

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A successful broker, lively spirit, caring friend, simply a lovely woman... We laughed over ripped jeans, shared mind boggling stories and truly enjoyed a sunny afternoon of her photoshoot.

She was nervous about not knowing what to do in front of the camera, about looking awkward, about her smile looking fake…

Thank you for trusting me, Lisa!


Please remember that going through a range of emotions before and during your photoshoot is completely normal. Most women experience: desire, doubts and fears, nervousness, excitement, letting go, having fun… wanting more! It’s my job to capture amazing photos of you that will be cherished forever.

Hair & Make-up Artist: Elegant Makeup


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The Biggest Mindset Mistake Women Make In Business


Women are strong. Women have the most difficult job in the world - they are mothers. So why is creating and keeping a business alive often so difficult for us? After all, we are resourceful, we can multitask, we are responsible.

I was first taught about the importance of giving and receiving by Sue Bryce. It’s the BALANCE of giving and receiving that is crucial to establishing a healthy, sustainable business. Always in perfect unison, when one hand is giving, the other should be receiving.


As women, we don’t have a problem with the giving part. We are givers by nature. We give life, we give love, we give our time, we give our support. We put our family first. We love and we love unconditionally.

I believe that’s why so many women have a problem with receiving. We are natural givers and can feel guilty about receiving. However, business is not love. It is not unconditional! It is BALANCED giving and receiving. You can do business WITH love! In fact you will be very successful if you do. But business IS NOT love.

Lack of balance with giving and receiving is a recipe for a disaster. It can begin very early in the process, as early as when you are setting your prices. Setting prices that are not sustainable (because you don’t feel worthy of receiving) is a waste of time and hurts not only you but also your industry. It’s always harder to make it in an unhealthy industry than in a healthy one.

Here are some down turns of not receiving:

  • It devalues your craft

  • The business will not be sustainable and will not survive without proper funds over a period of time

  • Clients will not see you as being professional (although I’m sure they’ll love that you’re giving without receiving!)

  • You will have to work unproportional amounts of time and will burn out

  • You will feel bitter and resentful

If you have a problem with receiving despite putting proper work into your projects, ask yourself: why am I feeling this way? You are enough if you’re putting proper time, work and you’re priced proportionally to the value of your service. You give and you deserve to receive!




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