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Our last photoshoot with Laura De Sanctis, Nutritionist at Go With Your Gut, was super cozy, sweet & sexy!

Laura has just launched her “Shift Happens” affirmation cards. They are a wonderful tool to help shift our mindset, to heal and establish self love. They are so much more than pretty photos and cards.

This year has been a year of lessons... a lot on letting go and trusting the universe. Letting go of people, things and circumstances and creating space for the better. I created Shift Happens affirmation cards and journals to help people holistically heal and make a shift in their lives. Many times we cling to certainty, we cling to thoughts, feelings or people in response to fear. The body always responds to how we think and feel.

When you create space, shift your thinking, and let go of negative thoughts, your body will respond. It all starts in the gut. I challenge you to make the shift.
— Laura De Sanctis
The moment you realize your worth, you shift. You attract new energy and new people who respect your worth. It all starts with you.
— Laura De Sanctis

I couldn’t agree with Laura more!

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Tea Time with Laura De Sanctis

Tea Time with Laura De Sanctis

It's tea time... How exciting for Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis to introduce her own blend of tea for a digestive cleanse!
Laura is a Holistic Nutritionist, speaker, health blogger and wellness ambassador. This Branding Photoshoot was all about getting cozy on a cold winter day and snuggling with your favorite cup of tea...

Go With Your Gut

It's always fantastic to work with Laura De Sanctis, Nutritionist at Go With Your Gut. There's a very exciting project with Laura coming up in the New Year! More info and beautiful photos coming soon...

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Go With Your Gut

Congratulations to Nutritionist Laura De Sanctis, who is now working with two fantastic brands, CaliiLove and Hyba with so much more news coming! Here are Laura's new photos from her recent Personal Branding Session.