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Early Fall Fashion with Christie Ressel

Stylist Christie Ressel

Stylist Christie Ressel

Fall is here!

I’m beyond excited to share our latest fashion photoshoot of Christie Ressel with you. Fall is Christie’s favorite season, so I couldn’t wait to see her fall outfits. I’m always so inspired by Christie’s styling skills and this photoshoot was one of my favorites to date.

This photoshoot reminded me you never know where the day will take you.

Two locations I planned for Christie were not available, so I had to improvise. It just so happened we drove past this incredible black & white building and it couldn’t be more perfect for this outfit:

I couldn’t stop photographing this outfit… This beautiful dress has Cali vibes all over it, especially paired with boots and a hat. Simply lovely, cozy, gorgeous, feminine and perfect for fall.

Fall is the perfect time to take out your beret out of the closet.

A beret is such a stylish accessory and I love how it has that je ne sais quoi.

Christie’s last look was quite special because all the items come from… Walmart! Yes, it may be hard to believe at first but a great stylist can find lovely outfits everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed this photoshoot and that it inspired you to dress up in the fall!



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Starting Summer with Personal Stylist Christie Ressel


It finally feels like summer is coming to Toronto. I don’t know about you but I’m always beyond excited to jump into summer clothes. So excited in fact that I usually forget about sunscreen the first day of nice weather and get completely burnt. It’s the same story this year and I’m as red as a lobster as I’m writing these words.

Together with Christie Ressel, we were waiting for some time now to finally photograph summer clothes! I loved every outfit Christie brought to this photoshoot. It always amazes me how all of Christie’s clothes go together since she’s a big fan of the capsule wardrobe concept.

There is no reason to put off wearing items that make you feel special and that ARE special. They’ll put an extra pep in your step, make you feel good, and will create some really beautiful looks in your wardrobe. If you feel they are too “dressy”, pair them with casual items in your closet to make them daytime appropriate
— Christie Ressel

Isn’t it amazing how the right outfits make you feel ON? Confident, energized, capable, inspired? Purchasing only outfits that make you feel your best is a big part of Christie’s wardrobe philosophy. It’s so important to bring those outfits to your photoshoot!

When I asked Christie which city would represent her brand well, she answered without a doubt: Paris and London.

Even if you don’t live in your Ideal Brand City, you can still find lovely places that have a similar vibe. It’s exciting and so fulfilling to find those little gems. The cafe in the photos below was actually created by a couple who lived in Paris for years and decided to bring a piece of Paris to Canada.

If you enjoyed Christie’s outfits, like her style and fashion and philosophy, head over to her website or YouTube channel, you’ll find so much inspiration there.

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One of my New Year resolutions was to photograph more fashion, so I was thrilled to start working with Veronica! I felt very inspired when she came with wardrobe ideas to her consultation. She’s also such a sweet soul.

Veronica is our subscriber, which means she benefits from regular photoshoots. She wanted the vibe of this photoshoot to be edgy, minimalist and modern!

Personal Stylist Christie Ressel

Personal Stylist Christie Ressel

As a fashion lover, I’m beyond excited to be working with Christie Ressel. She’s a Stylist with many years of experience as well as a YouTuber with a devoted fan base. No surprise here - when I met Christie I felt as if I’ve know her for years. She’s warm, bubbly and super inspiring. We started working together in December and despite cold temperatures it has been a blast.

Keep scrolling down to get Christie’s advice on how to look cute when it’s cold!