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Spring with Christie Ressel


It’s been lovely to finally welcome spring with Stylist Christie Ressel!

Everything is waking up to life and we are coming out of our hibernation mode. It’s always such an inspiring time to refresh your style and your closet. If you’re like me and you’re drawn towards greys and blacks during winter, you’ll like the energizing pop of colour in Christie’s spring outfits.


I’m a big lover of white, so obviously I loved the bright outfits Christie styled for this photoshoot. I especially like how the coral top goes with Louboutin’s soles in the outfit below.

Here are some of the items I realized I truly need to get for this spring after working on this photoshoot with Christie: a new pair of jeans, 7/8 pants, a feminine tank top, colourful shoes and a statement necklace!

I work with Agnes on a regular basis for my photos and she’s made life so much easier for me! Photos were always such a source of frustration for me. Now, thanks to Agnes, they’re a breeze! She sources locations for our shoots, keeps my branding colours aligned in the photos, and always delivers the photos to me so quickly; she’s such a pro! On top of all of that, she’s a complete delight to work with. I highly recommend working with her when it comes to your business; you won’t regret it!
— Christie Ressel

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Stylist Sarah-Jane Wise

Stylist Sarah-Jane Wise

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Stylist Rinat Samuel, R Style by Design

Stylist Rinat Samuel, R Style by Design

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Versatyles with Barbara Josic

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Barbara Josic

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Photography: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios
Make-up & Hair: Sara/Elegant Make-up

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