Stylist Francine Spencer

Stylist Francine Spencer

I was so excited to work with Stylist Francine Spencer! Obviously I loved her style, but also her sense of humour, her poise and elegant manner. In her own words, she is a fashion obsessed, beauty loving stylista, mommy to a beautiful and intelligent teenage daughter and a devout advocate for empowering women. Keep reading to get Francine's 7 Tips for Shopping Responsibly!…

Opera Singer Renita

Opera Singer Renita

Those eyes, that smile and hourglass figure! Can you believe Renita told me she didn't think she was photogenic when she first contacted me? It's been very rewarding to create beautiful imagery for someone whose previous photos didn't do them justice. It is important to provide guidance, space and trust that will allow people to be comfortable and to properly prepare for a beautiful photoshoot…


Carmelina wanted personal photos in addition to professional portraits, so we discussed beautiful outfits that go with her timeless, classic style!

Agnes, THANK YOU❤️
LoveLoveLove your philosophy to empower others through photography and your professional charm. You transformed my original request for a corporate photo into an inspiring personal experience. Lastly, I wanted to mention how I feel blessed to have met you. From the first time we chatted you charmed me.
— Molto Grazie xo Carmelina

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Recently I had a chance to photograph stunning Kim, who is a wife, mommy of two boys and on top of that a successful professional! Here are some of her favourite photographs.

Photography: Agnes Kiesz/Pure Studios
Hair & Make-up Artist: Candace French